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SPA 2102 after RV082, Drops sending on incoming calls at random

Hi, I have read how it should be possible to have a SPA 2102 working together with a RV082 on this page

Have followed how it should be configured. Opened ports on the RV082 router and configured the SPA2102 for static IP and enabled it to work with NAT.

The phone works however, kind of random it drops the incoming calls on my transmitting side. So if someone calls, randomly it seems, the other person can loose my transmitting side and not hearing me talk anymore, and I can hear "Hello? You still there?"If hang up and the person dials again, there is incoming signal, I lift the phone and it totally quiet, can't hear a thing.

Anyone has ideas what to do with this problem? They are both Linksys products, and as there are even instructions how to make them work together, it should be possible right?

By the way, I only use one of the Internet ports, don't use the second one. Have a direct Ethernet link for the Internet 100/10 so there is no DSL involved.

I could have them rigged up the other way around SPA2102 to RV082, but there are some issues then when it comes to port handling, and if I remember correct the SPA2102 is only 10/10.


I have set the SPA2102 as DMZ on my RV082 router.

Have forwarded port 3478, 5060-5080,5004,10000-20000,16384-16482 (this should proboly be obsolete)

Have set port 8 as it is conneted to as High.

Have set Firewall/Accesss Rules for this IP to be Priority 1 and allow all traffic.

Have included jpg screenshots of settings for my SPA2102.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: SPA 2102 after RV082, Drops sending on incoming calls at ran

Anyone have an idea?


Re: SPA 2102 after RV082, Drops sending on incoming calls at ran

If your forwarding all those ports to the device and it is still acting up.  I would try a factory reset of the spa2102 and reconfigur it.  Have you checked to see if you have the latest firmware on the spa2102.  If not upgrade that and reset the spa2102 and reconfigure it.  With it being in the dmz host section on the router, it should not have any issues.  The dmz host does not have any firewall rules or any blocked ports pertaining to it so it should be fine with no blocks.  Give that  a shot and lets us know.

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