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SR520W, ROMMON what happened...


This config was working fine until we tried to uprgade the IOS.  The SR520 was VPN'ing into a UC520.

I have an SR520W Ethernet to Ethernet router, we upgraded the software to 12.4.24.T2, the docs said it works for this platform, and after the reload it never came back up and we ended up in the ROMMON prompt.  Apparently, something went wrong, yikes.  The error was no boot file found or something like that.  Anyway, we TFTPD'd 4.24.T2 back onto the router and it booted with that.  We fortunately backed up our config using CCA, so we reloaded that, and then two things occurred, the Router would not longer get a DHCP address for the WAN side, and the WWLAN never turned on.
The original IOS was 12.4.15.something, so we reloaded 12.4.15.XZ2, and the WWLAN came back but, the WAN port still does not want to get a DHCP IP address.  Also, the CCA complained that the remote VPN was "modified outside of CCA and would have to be removed by CCA and redone if we wanted to use CCA, so we removed that as well.


What IOS should we use (recommended) on this router; the docs state the entire above are ok.
How do we get the WAN port to grab a DHCP address again?  PCs on that same side work fine.
Is there some issue in the backup and restore process that would rub-out the WWLAN, WAN, and VPN info in the router?

Please advise as now we have lost a phone at a remote sight...

Thanks John


Re: SR520W, ROMMON what happened...

Hi John,

I just went and had a look at the available software and saw that sr520-advipservicesk9-mz.124-24.T3.bin is available for the SR520W.

This release came out on 26 march, I hope that the latest and greatest is the greatest. :)

I deleted by .bin file for the sake of the exercise, rebooted and as you would expect,  ended up at rommon prompt.

I put in the following commands that are in blue  in my SR520.




TFTP_SERVER=  (my PC with TFTP server and the following file)


(plugged my TFTP server PC in FE3 then typed )


(waited till it had written to flash and then received another rommon prompt)


I would be very interesting to see what would happen if you performed a no shutdown  via CLI on the wan interface.

I found that all my interfaces were shutdown, so enabled no shutdown on each interface.

regards Dave

New Member

Re: SR520W, ROMMON what happened...


Thanks, interesting.  I assume that the interface shutdown is "normal" behavior after an ROMMON boot routine...?

I did have to do the TFTP procedure to get the device to boot, but thank you for that.

So, I will try the latest firmware and reset to factory defaults, and then restore my backup settings and see what happens.

Do you think there will be an issue restoring backup settings from 124-15.x to 124-T3 using CCA now called CSBPCA?

I guess I'll find out soon enough.

if this fixes it combined with the no shutdown on the interfaces, I'll come back around and post and lcose this thread.

Thank you


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