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New Member

SRP527W - Has to be restarted daily


We have a Telstra Internet Direct connection at our office. I have replaced the supplied modem/router with a Cisco SRP 527W. We have to restart the modem just about every morning. I have upgraded the firmware to the latest version to try and fix. The old router had no problems, except for it's limitations. The problems only started once the new modem went in. I connected to the customers server remotely this morning, and although the internet was up, I could not connect to the router through the web interface.

Could it be a faulty modem?

Thanks for your help in advance.


Cisco Employee

Re: SRP527W - Has to be restarted daily

There is an open defect against the SRP platform (defect id CSCti60430) that results in a memory leak when we receive SIP packets from unknown devices.  Unfortunately, with all the SIP probing that goes on at present, this problem is very easy to hit, and produces symptoms like you have described.  The fix will be made available in the next maintenance release for the platform, but in the interim, there is a configuration workaround available.

If you are using the phone ports on the router, then navigate to Voice > Line x in the admin gui, and set 'Restrict Source IP' to yes (found under the SIP Settings heading).  The makes the router drop any SIP packets received that do not come from the configured proxy, and so gets around this problem.  Make sure you do this for both lines on the router.

Alternatively, if you are not using the phone ports, you can just disable them entirely.



New Member

Re: SRP527W - Has to be restarted daily

Thanks Dave,

Will give that a try. I will only know on Monday if that is fixed.



New Member

Re: SRP527W - Has to be restarted daily

Had a similar problem - internet working but router not accessible via web browser locally or remotely.

Not using either Phone ports, so have changed 'Line Enable:' to No for both.

Will monitor and feedback in next few weeks.

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