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SRP527W not acting a DNS Server/Proxy

Hi Guys

We have a SRP527W with 1.1.24 firmware.

We have DHCP disabled and have assigned a IP address of on the Interface Setup/Lan/VLAN Settings/data_lan. 

When I configure a client to use as its DNS server it cannot resolve hostnames eg (  Obviously I have as the default gateway on the client and it can ping the external host via IP Address so it only appears to be the modems function as a DNS Server that is not working.

From the diagnostics ping I can put in and it resolved and works, so the modem is correctly getting it's DNS Settings from the ISP

Any ideas?




SRP527W not acting a DNS Server/Proxy

I tested your scenario with my SRP and same firmware version. It sounds like an SRP bug or limitation.
DNS proxy is enable only when DHCP server is on.
My workaround is enable DHCP with only 1 IP address available.

Try to open a case.


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SRP527W not acting a DNS Server/Proxy

Hi Daniele,

Thanks for confirming what I was seeing.

I have done some further testing, it seems it is a bug introduced in 1.1.24, a modem with 1.1.23 does not seem to show the same problem, although it does take some time to resolved DNS addresses with the 1.1.23 release.

I got around the problem by renabled DHCP on vlan 1 (therefore removing the ip address on the vlan), went back to the quicksetup /lan put the address on the lan, then went back to interface/lan/vlan and change it back to static and put the address back.  Now it seems to be resolving.

So even though lan address seems to be disabled, it must still be working for DNS



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For what it's worth (Googlers

For what it's worth (Googlers), I can't get my SRP527 DNS proxy to work correctly, even with DHCP enabled.

nslookup tells me:


# nslookup server1

Non-authoritative answer:
*** Can't find server1: No answer


This is different when the DNS proxy is off (connection timed out; no servers could be reached).  I don't know if there's some sort of default domain like .local or .localdomain.  None of those seem to work.  Doesn't seem to be a setting for it in the SRP527.


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