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SRP527W TCP timeout - how to change?


I have set up 2 x SRP527Ws for a client, using a VPN to allow one side to connect to a server on the other side using Telnet via a terminal emulation program..

It is all working fine, but the telnet sessions at the remote end keep being dropped after a short (few minutes?) time period.

I found this thread where someone had pretty much exactly the same setup & problem, but with RV042s - and a solution was to increase the TCP timeout via a hidden page (see bottom of thread):


but this hidden page is not available on the SRP527W, and there seems to be no way to change the TCP timeout, which makes these routers unfortunately useless for me..

Does anyone know of a way to change the TCP timeout value on the SRP527W? I have a case open and the consultant is still looking into it but his email to me this morning indicates that there is no TCP timeout setting on these routers - ie I'm stuck at the default value whatever that is.

In the meantime I've had to reinstate the old routers (netgear units), which by the way had the same issue when they were first installed, but there was a simple CLI fix to change the timeout values.

Hopefully someone here may have come across this before or may know of a solution so I havent wasted my money..

Thanks :-)


New Member

SRP527W TCP timeout - how to change?

OK in case anyone else needs this info: the official response is now that for this model (SRP527W) you cannot change the TCP timeout value. It may be implemented in a future firmware fix but right now I'll have to use another brand modem/router.

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