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SRP527W Time stamp on caller ID incorrect

I have an issue with the SRP527W that I discovered today.

I have just replaced my Linksys router with a Cisco SRP527W and joined 2Talk a New Zealand VOIP provider.

The time on the router is correct (whether using the manual setting or the NTP server setting).

I have checked the daylight savings option on the router. (Currently in New Zealand we are in daylight savings time).

The time on the voice configuration is one hour out.

This is causing the time stamps on the caller id to be one hour out (i.e. a call received at 9-30am shows as 8-30am).

The correct time zone has been selected in the 2Talk portal.

The work around I have used is to make the router time one hour later than it actually is.

This now timestamps the calls with the correct time.

Is this a known issue with this model of router?



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Re: SRP527W Time stamp on caller ID incorrect

I confirm the problem also on the SRP521 with firmware 1.01.24:

Cisco Employee

Re: SRP527W Time stamp on caller ID incorrect

Hi guys,

Sorry for the delay in responding to this.  Engineering have had a look at the problem and it appears it was introduced in the 1.1.24 release, so the answer to your first question is that, no, it is (or was) not a known issue.  We will incorporate the fix into the next firmware release to - most likely 1.1.27 - which is planned for about 6-8 weeks time.



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