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SRP527W VPN Server Access

Hi, I have spent several days now reading and searching for soloutions to my problem with the VPN Server on this device...

I have setup the server and can connect to it with a iphone borrowed from my mate. So I know the service works.

However... I have windows 7 & 8 Laptops that I need to connect to the device and also an couple of android tablets/phones.

I have tried painstakingly to try and configure windows 7 & 8 to connect, but simply can not.  Due to some stupid Cisco idea, I am not able to download the solloution to my problems, the AnyConnect client.

I find in very pathetic that I have a product that has a feature, but the only way to use that feature (VPN Server) is via software that the everyday user can not access without a service agreement. And realisticly, what end user will have a service agreement with Cisco??? (Yet I can download it to an adroid tablet from the play store without a service agreement... see below).

Onto my next issue, the Android tablets (samsung galaxy), the built in VPN can not access the VPN Server, so I downloaded the anyconnect from the play store, but it does not support the required encryption for IPSec (PSK+XAUTH) or the group name and shared key...

Can somone advise if I can use the VPN at all, or I am at the mercy of Cisco and wasted my money on this product when I should have purchased something different?


Cisco Employee

SRP527W VPN Server Access

Hi Michael,

If you call the Cisco Small Business Support Center, they will be able to make the VPN software available for you.

Please note though, that the SRP500 VPN server uses IPSec and not SSL, so you need the Cisco VPN Clients, not AnyConnect.

Clients are available for Windows, Mac and Linux devices.

There are also a number of other VPN clients available on the Internet that may suit your requirements.  Look for clients that support mutual Pre-Shared Key + Xauth or use with Cisco ASA or IOS IPSec Easy VPN servers.  I understand that some customers have used Shrew Soft clients successfully (Although this is not something that Cisco can provide any warranty or support for.)



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