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SRP546W: ADSL reconnect makes router failing

Dear all,

I'm using a Small Business SRP546W router with integrated ADSL Annex B modem as internet and VPN gateway. I installed the newest firmware 1.2.4 and configured the router properly. Everything seems to work fine (VPN, internet connection etc.) until a scheduled reconnect of the internet connection. The router is after the point of reconnect approximately 1-2 minutes not reachable via webinterface from the internal network. The status LEDs on the front for the ADSL Line are now all off. But the router is telling, that it is still connected to the internet, the ADSL Line ist up and running, and is assigned a correct IP even if I disconnect the cable between the router and the splitter.  When going to the status tab and clicking on the ADSL status the webpage goes blank and a new login is required. Resetting the router makes everything going fine until the next reconnect. Using an external ADSL modem on the ethernet WAN port solves the problem for now, but this is not a long term solution. In addition the backup of the routersettings is no longer possible, it saves only a file which is about 127bytes with a 404 failure in it. Saving the settings was working before the firmware update. I thought the router hardware may be broken so I replaced it with a new one, but the same problems still persists. I downloaded the firmware file severeal times from the Cisco support page to ensure that there is no transmit failure.

I already opened a discussion in the german part of the forum two weeks ago (

, but didn't get any response. Hopefully I reach more people in the english part of the forum and someone can help me. If you need more information please tell me and I'll get it. Thanks in advance.

Kind regards

Hans-Peter Pfeiffer

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