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SRP547 with a UC320W

Hi, I need some advice on the best way to set up a UC320W with an SRP547W router.

I have the SRP547W successfully connected to the ADSL connection, with ethernet and WLAN from the SRP457 working correctly. The SRP457 is setup as the DHCP server.

The SRP547 has the default VLANs (1 for Data and 100 for Voice).

The UC320's WAN port is connected to one of the SRP547's ethernet ports and the UC320's WAN connection has been changed to DHCP.

The UC320 has been changed to route voice only, its DHCP server switched off and Data WLAN is off.

The UC320 is also set to use VLAN 100 for voice, which I assume means that voice traffic going from the UC320 WAN port to the SRP547 ethernet port is tagged, so the SRP547 sees the VLAN 100 and can apply the QOS to it?

The UC320 is still set up with a fixed IP address on the same subnet as the SRP547, but now I seem to have lost access to the UC320 admin panel, though the UC320's SIP connections are all working.

What I would really like to do is have the UC320's ethernet ports, act as a switch to the SRP547, ideally routing all the ethernet traffic from the UC320 ethernet ports, down the UC320's WAN connection, so I don't have to waste an ethernet to ethernet port connection between the two boxes.

So is this possible and any ideas on the best way to set this up, to retain the relevant access to the UC320 admin panel?

As the SRP routers are recommended by Cisco for use with the UC320, is there a document that details the recommended setup?



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