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New Firmware available for RV340 Series Router family! This includes the RV340, RV340W, RV345, and RV345P

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SRP547W Newbie


   We have been avid fans of Billion routers for a very long time but have lost faith with them over the past few years. We have recently purchased the SRP547W, a bit overkill for what we need though (i.e.: don't need VOIP capability as we already have a Cisco SPA8000 8 port ATA). I have managed to translate most of the Billion router settings in to the Cisco with the exception of Firewall Packet Filters, i.e.: which ports to allow in and out. Here is an example from our Billion router.

EditOrderRule NameTime ScheduleSource IP / NetmaskProtocolSource port(s)InboundDelete
Destination IP / NetmaskDestination port(s)Outbound
Always On /
0 ~ 65535
Allow /
80 ~ 80

I have been through the Admin guide, the forums and the router itself but can't find where to specify these.

Also the only other thing I am not sure about is setting port forwarding for GRE. In the Billion models its a simple setting under port forwarding. Am I correct in assuming its already part of the PPTP protocol?

The one thing I am disappointed about this router is you are limited to 10 static routes. We have much more than 10 configured on our current router so I guess we just have to work with this limitation. Ideally we would like a similar router without the VOIP capability that can accommodate more than 10 static routes. My IOS commands are very rusty as I haven't had to use them in many years so would prefer the GUI interface. Any suggestions?


Tony Tuccillo

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