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Static IP Address for WRV210 Wireless Router

I recently switched operating systems from XP to Windows 7. Since that time whenever I need to reboot the router, it does not recognize my printer. How do I set the router to a static ip address and will that affect its recognition of my computer? I have had no problems with computer recognition, only printer.


Static IP Address for WRV210 Wireless Router

Hi Bill,

Thank you for posting. The router should already have a LAN static IP address. By default it is You need to assign a static IP address to the printer. This can be done on the printer itself or from the router.

Click Setup > Basic Settings in the navigation tree.

Assign Static IP: Click this button if you need to assign fixed IP addresses
to particular network devices. When the Static Table appears, enter the
Static IP Address and the MAC address of the device, then click Add. To
edit an entry, highlight the entry in the table, click Edit, make your changes in the fields, then click Add. To remove an entry, highlight the entry, then click

The above is from the Admin Guide. You can find it here

New Member

Re: Static IP Address for WRV210 Wireless Router

I cannot find the router in hardware or programs in order to set the static ip. Where do I find it? Will this affect the router’s ability to recognize my computer which is also on the network?



Re: Static IP Address for WRV210 Wireless Router

Hi Bill,

To get to the setup pages of the router, open Internet Explorer and type in the address bar. The router will ask for login credentials. If you have not changed them, the credentials are as follows:

Username: admin

Password: admin

After you log in, follow the instructions above. Changing the settings as described should not affect the computer at all. If you have any further questions, please reply.

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