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Timeout of NAT session on many cisco routers

Hello, I have a customer who has a Siemens C470IP behind a Cisco RV320 Customer IP : SIP serveur : ( How it works : - the sip account register on our sip server : --- REGISTER ----> We send keepalive each minute to keep the translation of the port 5060 to the sip equipement. ---- OPTIONS (keepalive) ----> We can see that, after a REGISTER the next OPTIONS request get an answer (200 OK) and the other requeste don't get answer. when we send a call to the customer, this one doen't answer on our INVITE request it seems that there is no more translation between the port 5060 with the equipement on the local network. We got the same problem with zyxell router. We have to upgrade UDP Sesison ( cf : ) How to do the same with RV320 or RV042 ? Best regards, Louis
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This should be a solution

This should be a solution:

Linksys/Cisco – RV042 (firmware,
1. Go to the router’s web interface (usually at
2. Login using admin as username and password.
3. Navigate to http://<IP_ADDRESS_OF_ROUTER>/f_general_hidden.htm.
4. Set UDP Timeout to 300.
5. Set SIP ALG to Disabled.
6. Click Save.

How can you set the UDP

How can you set the UDP timeout on an RV320 dual wan router?

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