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Unable to VPN to RV042 in same location.

Setup is: Cable Modem ------> RV042 (WAN IP: 172.x.x.x, LAN IP: 192.x.x.x) ------> Wireless Router (LAN IP: 10.x.x.x, Wan: 192.x.x.x, Gateway: RV042) -----> Client (IP: 10.x.x.x, Gateway: Wireless Router).

I want to VPN to the RV042 but am unable, even if I put the RV042 WAN ip address. I am able to easily connect to RV042 using PPTP tunnel with built-in Microsoft VPN support; however, I actually want to create a more secure tunnel (VPN) to the RV042 but all I see in the Log is that the QuickVPN software is "Remote gateway wasn't reached". Has anyone been able to use QuickVPN to establish a VPN tunnel to their RV042 inside the network?

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Re: Unable to VPN to RV042 in same location.

Ok, I have a lot of questions; basically I didn't understand the purpose of the VPN connection or how you are trying to accomplish it.

- First of all, why do you need a VPN connection on your internal LAN?

- Second, what is the other end of the connection? Where are you trying to connect from?

- How are you connecting using PPTP?

Please post some more information about this so we can understand it better.


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Re: Unable to VPN to RV042 in same location.

Emesal ,

Change the RV042 LAN IP Address to any other IP Address /  Subnet other than ( Default IP Address ).


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