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UPnP is Unreliable in SA540

We require UPnP (mainly for an in-house built FTP Server app that uses UPnP to dynamically open/close ports for Passive FTP mode) and have found it's implementation in the SA540 is unreliable.  Sometimes UPnP works after a reboot, sometimes it doesn't.  When it does work after a reboot it will eventually stop working.  Going into the web GUI and turning UPnP off and back on always fixes for a while.

Is this a known issue with the SA500 Series routers?  We had an RV220W deployed first, but it's UPnP implementation was even more unreliable.  That said, it seems that the latest Beta firmware version for the RV220W has fixed the issue.  Could it be that the same fix needs to be applied to the SA540?

I was planning on opening a cause with the CSBC at some point like I did with the RV220W, but I'd rather not spent the time doing so if the this is a known issue.


ISP is Timewarner Cable - (Motorola SGB6580 modem) - 30 Mbps up / 5 Mbps down

SA540 - (Gateway router)

3 Cisco E4200 v1 in "bridge mode" (dumbs units down to access points) that are directly wired to ports 1, 2, and 3 on SA540

Multiple unmanaged switches connected to the E4200 v1's


UPnP is Unreliable in SA540


I haven't seen issue you are describing as i run an SA540 in our lab with NSS322,NSS324 and NSS326 all with passive ftp enabled and successfully use it daily.I would give the Small Business Support Center a call and open a support case.


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