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New Member

Use of wireless router with dongle

I am UK based and have a London client whose server I have to access logging on via VPN using their laptop for which I have no admin rights.  As further security I am unable to access using wi-fi. This works well when in an office location using an Ethernet cable, but I need to access when mobile. Solution:         On consulting Cisco, I purchased WRV210 wireless-G VPN Router with RangeBooster with the aim of using an Ethernet cable to the pc and then a dongle (either a Vodafone wi-fi or 3G) to the internet. Please advise on how to configure as there is no USB port on this router.

Thanks, Clive


Re: Use of wireless router with dongle


Firts of all, I'm not sure I understand your configuration, this is what I think you are saying.

Basically you need to acces the internet while mobile, for that purpose you got a 3G dongle which will be like having internet access via your cell phone, making internet available everywhere you go. I hope I'm right so far. If that is the case, then you don't need the WRV210 or any router for that matter. You will need to plug the dongle to your laptop (don't know if it will require admin rights but it is highly possible) and after you configure it you should have access to the internet, and from then you should be able to access the VPN.

Now, that is assuming you are trying to connect to a Client to gateway VPN which requires just a router on the place where you want to connect to and some kind of software on a internet enable computer to make the connection.

But if you need to connect to a gateway to gateway VPN, in that case you will need another router and a long set of configurations to enter to the router and create the connection.

For the second case, you need to have a reliable connection going into the router, something like DSL or Cable will do, there is no way to connect the dongle to the router so the router won't ever have internet this way.

So, to conclude:

- If you have a Client to gateway, ditch the router, you don't need it and simply contact the company and ask them for the configuration that needs to be made on the laptop.

- If the connection is gateway to gateway, then the dongle is to no use and you will need some kind of internet that comes in using an ethernet cable into the internet port of the WRV210, then you need to call the company you are trying to connect to and ask them to help you setup the VPN capabilities of the router.

Hope this helps.

New Member

Re: Use of wireless router with dongle

Thanks for your comprehensive reply and your guidance is much appreciated.

However, I do not have admin rights to this client supplied laptop and never will; including USB ports being locked out. Thus the only access to the internet is via the ethernet port which is fine in an office environment but useless when travelling.

Thus on the basis that I am not in a wi-fi area I must rely on a Vodafone dongle or similar.  In summary, the issue is how to link an ethernet port to a dongle to gain internet access.  If a Cisco router with a USB port for internet connection is ruled out, what do you suggest?

Your guidance would be welcomed.




Re: Use of wireless router with dongle

Well, being that the case, let me tell you that we do have in fact a device that can be of use to you. The model number is WRP400 and it has a USB port that will work with certain wireless providers.

Here is the link to the information page.

Make sure that the firmware version of the device is 2. That is the one that supports the USB modem.

Please reply to see if this is what you were looking for.

Hope this helps!

New Member

Use of wireless router with dongle (repeat request)

Thanks for guidance.  Not sure if you got my response as there was an error in the email thread.

My only query is that I cannot find a supplier who knows whether the router WRP400 they are selling has firmware version 2.  This applies to my normal supplier Dell > .

Could you please point me in the direction of a suitable supplier.  Thanks and apologies if you have already responded but it has not been received for reason given.



New Member

Re: Use of WRP400 wireless router - access query using USB port

As advised, I have purchased the WRP400 from Dell, but it has arrived and does NOT have a USB port for a Vodafone dongle to facilitate internet access when no wi-fi broadband signal available.  Please could you advise on the configeration needed to use a USB dongle, or have I once again purchased the wrong router?




Re: Use of WRP400 wireless router - access query using USB port

The device has a Reserved label on the front of the unit, remove it and it will uncover the USB port.