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Video feeds on trunked port

Here's my current setup:

Cisco 4948 switch connected to a Linksys SRW2008 switch to a AmiNET125 and laptops. 

Basically, here's what I'm trying to accomplish... on my Cisco switch I have 3 VLANs:  10, 20, and 100.  10 is my Management/Data VLAN, 20 runs my video, and 100 is my external network.  Previously I did not have my port trunked from the Cisco to Linksys switches.  The ports on both the Cisco and Linksys were setup as as a VLAN access port to VLAN 10.  I was also able to view my video feeds that were running on VLAN 20 on my AmiNET125 with this configuration.  The multicast IP was and I had no problems accessing it on the AmiNET or on the laptops connected to the Linksys.

Now we are trunking the port from the Cisco switch to the Linksys, and through software we are trunking the laptops.  My Cisco switch port is setup trunked and allowing all 3 VLANs.  I setup the Linksys (or hope I did correctly) to trunk and allow all 3 VLANs.  My workstations only access VLAN 10 and 100.  I can now no longer bring up the multicast IP on the AmiNET or the laptops.  Like I stated before, the video feed is running on VLAN 20.  Is there some sort of additional configurations needed for my Linksys that I'm missing so that I can view the video on my AmiNET?  Do I need to create a multicast group in the Linksys in order to view it? 

I'm not as worried about the laptops, but need the feeds on the AmiNET.

Any help is extremely appreciated!

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