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Vlans to specific wan interface routing

Hi, I have some presale/product support questions.

Our network:

We are a computer repair shop.  We have two internal networks, segregated as two vlans on a layer 2 switch.  One is our 'public' network, that we connect customer computers to for repair.  The second, is a private network, for our company systems, printers, etc.   We have multiple wan IP addresses provided to us by our ISP.  We are currently using two linksys wrt54g routers to connect everything to the internet.  One for public, one for private.  We need the two networks to connect to the internet using unique WAN ip addresses, as all the viruses on our 'public' network tend to get our IP address blacklisted.  Our email server is on the private network, and causes problems when the IP address gets blacklisted.  We are working fine for now as it is setup. 

DHCP is serviced through a windows SBS server with two NICs, one connected to each vlan.

What we are looking for:

A single router/firewall that will do the work of both wrt54g routers, with two vlans setup, with at least two lan ports per vlan.  The networks still need to have access to the internet through their specific wan ports.  We do not need failover, or load balancing. We need gigabit wan and gigabit lan.  Ideally, wireless support built into the single device as well.  Wireless would need to support two SSIDs, one wireless network belonging to the public network, one to the private. Wireless isn't used very much here, so that's optional.

We just purchased an RV042G router, which seemed perfect..  but appears to only support failover and load balancing.  No way to direct the two internal networks through specific wan interfaces.  Is this possible with the RV042G?


Public network:

IP - Routed through wan01 and gateway specified for wan01.  Ports 1+2 on switch are VLAN1. 

IP - Routed through wan02 and gateway specified for wan02.  Ports 3+4 on switch are VLAN2. 

Any recommendations?  Can we use the RV042G?  If not, what would be the best solution?  SRP541W?

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New Member

Vlans to specific wan interface routing

Hi Lee

your scenario is possible, you can configure normal cisco router wiht PBR (policy base routing) and create a single lan port as trunk to your switch so both of VLAN traffic can traverse through the link to the router and then router which is intelligent enough to recognise two vlan traffic and route it accordingly to the designated WAN port.

but in your case...

you have wireless AP's so i would suggest to connect your AP's to the router and then configure PBR in your router to speciffically route the traffic to the concern WAN port as far as RV042G is concern its load balancing b/w two wan port feature can be use to route each VLAN traffic to the designated WAN interface ............cause i have configured such scenarios but on cisco 1800,2800, 2900 series router and not on RV042G you need to dig out it little more.

Also do let me know do you have mangable switch and its model.

You may ask me for further concerns of deployment or configuration.



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New Member

Vlans to specific wan interface routing

As far as I can tell, the RV042G doesn't have any way to setup PBR associated with a specific WAN interface.  I could allow or deny any traffic from a specific subnet, but I can't pick the interface it is transmitted through.

My switch is a Netgear GS748T Gigabit Smart Switch.


Vlans to specific wan interface routing

Hello Lee,

The SA500 series is likely your solution. The SA520/540 will support vlan with multiple subnet, dual WAN configuration with load balance and protocol binding to bind IP to a specific WAN interface.

The RV042 only supports port base VLAN and multiple subnet which may be a bit more difficult to separate traffic.


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Re: Vlans to specific wan interface routing

The protocol binding section under the System Management>Dual WAN tab allows you to bind specified services (along with the source/destination IP address range) to a given WAN interface.

New Member

Vlans to specific wan interface routing

hi all

well we need to classify traffic on base of subnet rather then service .....why dont you go for then cisco 800 series ?


salman jamshed