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VPN between SRP527W and RV042G won't establish

I am trying to setup a VPN between two sites. Primary site has two ADSL connections via netgear DM111P modems connected through a Cisco RV042G configured with load balancing. Both services are active and I am able to RDP as wel as other port forwarding requests. The second site is connected again with ADSL but via a Cisco SRP527W. I have been trying to establish a site to site vpn betwen the two locations with no success. The primary network is gateway and the secondary is gateway


I have been able to configure a site to site vpn with another client using 2 x srp527w without issue so assumed that this should be similar. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.


Hi AdrianMy name is Mehdi

Hi Adrian

My name is Mehdi from Cisco Technical Support.

from I understand you trying to setup a VPN tunnel Between RV042G and SRP527W , please can you share with us more informations so we can help you in this configuration.

I want to know if the Public IP address is present on Cisco Devices or on the netgear ?

Also can you please make a screenshots from the VPN configuration on both site from RV042G and SRP527W





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Hi Adrien I'm not from tech

Hi Adrien


I'm not from tech support but might actually have some useful info for you and not a canned unhelpful response


In a nutshell it doesn't work.


I had two SRP547s and had a site to site VPNs working between the SRP547s.

One site switched from DSL to cable so I replaced the SRP547W with a  RV220W.


After many hours with CISCO trying to get it work 4 different people logging in and checking the setups and testing. It could not be made to work.

I had to replace the other SRP547 with another RV220W (and external DSL modem) and got my site to site VPN working again.







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Thanks mhornsby3941,I have

Thanks mhornsby3941,

I have feared that was the case. While most of the features on the SRP527 are fantastic there have been a few limitations in the VPN department. It would be nice if there was a compatibility list of known devices that will work with a particular device. In saying that I would like to think that the RV042G is "friendlier" when creating VPN tunnels. I will be disappointed if I purchase another modem and the RV220W and it still doens't work.

Thanks again for your response.





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