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vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN


I'm trying to make a vpn cone
tion to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN but it's not working.

XP sp3
windows firewall: off

Port Range Triggering open for port 443 and 60443

Port Range Forwarding open for port 443 and 60443

VPN Passthrough enable for all

MTU: Manual = 1300

Client vpn acount created
block wan request: disabled
all firewall settings are disabled

VPN Passthrough enable for all

MTU: Manual = 1400

I can ping the remote router.

Log file:
2009/05/30 13:41:38 [STATUS]OS Version: Windows XP
2009/05/30 13:41:38 [STATUS]Windows Firewall is OFF
2009/05/30 13:41:38 [STATUS]One network interface detected with IP address
2009/05/30 13:41:38 [STATUS]Connecting...
2009/05/30 13:41:39 [STATUS]Connecting to remote gateway with IP address:
2009/05/30 13:41:49 [WARNING]Remote gateway wasn't reached...
2009/05/30 13:41:49 [WARNING]Failed to connect!

wget_error file

--13:41:39-- https://arqsize:*+++++*@*+++++*?USER=zzzzzz
=> `
C://Program Files//Linksys//Linksys VPN Client//vpnserver.conf'
Connecting to failed: Unknown error.
Giving up.

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Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

It would help to know what version of the WRVS4400N hardware and firmware you are using.

Is your router a hardware V1.0 or a V1.1?  Are you using latest firmware V1.1.13 or some older version?

I recently bought up two of these WRVS4400N hardware V1.1 routers to mess around with.  They came with firmware v1.1.03 but I've updated them now to v1.1.13.  I've only had them for a short while (about a week and a half) and only just yesterday tested out QVPN v2.1.11 connecting to the routers.

I set up my own simulated network with multiple routers and switches in my home to test them out.

Overall I got QVPN to connect to the routers fine.  There was just one initial time when I powered up one WRVS4400N router and QVPN could not connect to it no matter what I tried.  The same QVPN client on same Windows Vista PC was connecting fine to my 2nd WRVS4400N router on another subnet.

Since I knew QVPN Client was running fine, as a last resort, I powered off the bad router and rebooted it again.  After I rebooted that router, QVPN was able to negotiate and connect to it from there on.

So without knowing anything else about your situation nor versions, assuming you have a good and proper configuration setup, I would recommend rebooting your WRVS4400N router by powering it off and then back on again.  See if that works (assuming you have not tried that already).

If you have not tried updating your firmware to latest V1.1.13, do so.  But before you update any firmware on these routers, you should first remove all your LAN cables connected to its ports, then press the reset button in and hold it for about 30 seconds to reset the router.  Let it finish resetting and booting itself up again then unplug the power to it.  Then while holdng pressed the reset button (again), plug the power back in and continuing holding the reset button for 30 seconds.  Let the router again boot itself up clean and stabilize.  Then using your PC connected with a ethernet wire cable to the router LAN port (any port 1 thru 4) use your internet browser and go to the router setup GUI.  From here, you can proceed to load up the new firmware fresh.

After the new firmware is loaded, I did another reset of the router to ensure it is all cleared out of any junk data remnants by pressing the reset button for 30 seconds again.

After it reboots, go back into the router GUI interface and reconfigure your desired settings and VPN userid's, etc.  from scratch.

Reboot the router after you've saved your new complete config settings.

Then retry you QVPN client connection.

Hope it works.

BTW, I am not happy with the QVPN connection functionality.  It is pretty much useless for me since it does not support NETBIOS protocol traffic.  Meaning you will not be able to access and use your windows PC or server file and device shares over the QVPN connection.  That totally sucks Linksys/Cisco!

And I hope that they will release a fix to this big flaw soon.  Should I hold my breath? nah.  Just fix it fast Cisco developers. Fix it.  Thank You!

Also, why are these Cisco forum and info and product site pages so slow to load?  You would figure a networking company like Cisco would have tuned fast network repsonse times!  What's up with the slow speeds using this site? (it's not my ISP!  or maybe it's my WRVS4400N slowing down?! I am using it now writing this note!)

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

I want to mention that I run QVPN latest version 1.2.11 on Windows Vista and it works fine.  I also have QVPN latest version 1.2.11 running fine on Windows XP SP3 PC.

One quirk I noticed yesterday that I want to mention.  I just tried out another VPN Client called The GreenBow IPSEC VPN Client (Version 4.61).  This is not a quick setup and run VPN Client as you must set up the WRVS4400N with an IPSEC Tunnel to the GreenBow VPN Client running on your Windows PC.

I installed it along side QVPN on my Windows Vista PC.  I got the GreenBow VPN Client to successfully connect a tunnel to my WRVS4400N running firmware v1.1.13 (even though GreenBow VPN Client documenation says they only got it working when using WRVS4400N firmware 1.0.16).

Anyway, the point I wanted to make here is that after installing the GreenBow VPN Client, the Linksys QVPN client would no longer work and could not connect to the WRVS4400N router any longer.  I then uninstalled the GreenBow VPN Client software, rebooted the PC to remove it totally, re-enabled the Vista Firewall and after all that QVPN worked fine again.

So my point is also that perhaps you might have some other software installed on your Windows PC that is clashing with QVPN if it does not connect for you.

BTW, the GreenBow software package is not free, they want $58 plus shipping cost for it.  From what I saw of it, it does not do much more than QVPN for me.  In other words, I have the same problem not being able to see my NETBIOS traffic (file shares) using it also.  Although it seems to have more functionality and other capabilites than QVPN, it is much more complex to set up and you are tied to connecting to only defined tunnels that you must configure at each endpoint.  Not as flexible nor easy to just load up and run like QVPN is.  So unless you need the extra complexity of the GreenBow VPN Client, if QVPN works for you, stick with QVPN.  I might buy GreenBow VPN Client just cause I like to play around with it like a geek... :-)

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Hi Staticfree2,

You made a  comment  about netbios not working over QuickVPN.

Netbios is a broadcast traffic that runs in a LAN environment.  Usually more expensive VPN routers or appliances use something like  ' IP helper' to redirect the netbios to the Microsoft server.

IP Helper changes a broadcast into a unicast stream(sorta).  So, how might you get around this issue so that you can get netbios type services?  If you still are interested to experiment or spend some effort on getting netbios type services running for remote client, you may wish to look at a simple Microsoft recommended solution  which i have referenced below.

But there is a lot of information on the net about overcoming protocol limitations or pushing netbios over WAN interfaces, so check it out. :)

It would be nice if the WRVS4400N and it's non wireless version the RVS4000 had IP helper, but these Small Business routers are very well priced for their feature sets.

regards Dave

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Hello I'm Francesco from Rome. I'm a newbie of cisco routers and VPN connection. I've bought the WRVS4400N for doing a Client to Lan VPN connection but i can do only Lan to Lan connections between my cisco and a netgear of a friend of mine. The hardware version is 2.0 and i've upgraded the firmware (without disconnecting any lan cable or resetting the router [i didn't know this kind of procedure]) to the V2.0.0.7-ETSI version.

The router is connected to the web with a DSL ethernet modem in bridge mode.

I can:

- manage remotely the router with a dyndns well

- connect to my friend's lan using the lan to lan tunnel that works fine (i can see files and use remote desktop very well)

I can't connect to the router with QVPN(client to lan).

Please mind that:

-windows firewall is down

-i've tryed a lot of different internet connection (different from mine where is connected the router)

-passtrought is enabled

-i've tryed to put in DMZ the client ip that should connect to the router

-the remote and local subnet are different (router [home]; client outside I've already tried to put for home connection but with no results

Could it be possible that i should reflash the firmware with the resetting procedure described above?

I hope you could help me because i'm very sad that i cannot connect directly to my router out of my home.

Please, forgive me for my bad english and be patient too for my ignorance about networking.

Thank you!!:(

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

If you contact the Small Business Support team, they can run QuickVPN client and see if they can connect to your WRVS4400N. If it does not connect, the problem is on the router side. If it connects, the problem is on the client side, or the computer that runs the QuickVPN Client. The support team can help you troubleshoot the problems. 

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Wonderful!!! But where can i connect this team? I really don't know! Plese give me an email or a link..

Thank you, Francesco

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN


wget_error file

--13:41:39-- https://arqsize:*+++++*@*+++++*?USER=zzzzzz
=> `
C://Program Files//Linksys//Linksys VPN Client//vpnserver.conf'
Connecting to failed: Unknown error.
Giving up.


Could you please confirm if the QuickVPN user's password is logged in clear text in the wget_error file?

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

The wget_error.txt does not contain the password.  I checked all the .txt and .log files in the QVPN subdirectory and did not see my password in clear text anywhere.  I am using QVPN v1.2.11 on Windows Vista Home Premium OS.  I don't know if there might be different behavour and outcome if on a Windows XP or other OS PC.  I have not checked Win XP at this moment as my XP laptop is not with me.

Edit update: I just was able to check on my Windows XP laptop and QVPN logs did not show my password in clear text neither.  So it looks okay in v1.2.11 QVPN.  No passwords are revealed in the logs.

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Thank you for confirming that user password is not logged in clear text in the log files. Someone has claimed otherwise, so I would like to know if others see the same.

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Hello again,  have since become dis-illusioned with QuickVPN after I found out that I could not login and connect to my WRVS4400N VPN home router from some far away remote sites when behind another NAT router. The GreenBow VPN Client software does not serve me well neither and it messes up your Windows Vista environment installing and deinstalling it (at least it did to mine).

Is there any work in progress at Cisco/Linksys to fix and improve this QuickVPN Client connectivity so that:

1) it will work behind a NAT

2) We can pass NETBIOS traffic to access our windows server shares remotely?

Please fix this up for your customers who've bought your WRVS4400N and have become so frustrated.

Thank You!

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Which WRVS4400N firmware are you running on currently, v1.1.13? On your Vista PC, do you have firewall enabled? (Windows firewall on Vista has to be enabled for Windows IPSec Service to work.)

We will look into adding the NetBIOS support to WRVS4400N. I believe this feature is available in WRV210 if you need an alternative right away.

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Hi, yes, I am using firmware v1.1.13.  I do have Windows Vista Firewall turned on when I test with this stuff.

Please do provide NetBIOS traffic support over the QuickVPN connections.  Also if there is a way to get the QuickVPN to work behind a NAT router on Vista also, that would be a great solution.  Please seriously work on these fixes.  Otherwise we spent so much money on these routers and they have become useless for the original purpose we bought them for.  :(

Thank You!

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

>Please do provide NetBIOS traffic support over the QuickVPN connections.

To resolve computer names over QVPN tunnel, you could try checking the "Remote DNS Server" option on the QVPN Client user interface. The default setting on the Client user interface is not checked.

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

Nah, I am afraid that I've already tried all that.  Checked or unchecked, no works for me.  Please continue to push them for support and fix of this functionality.

It really would be so nice to have it working once and for all after all this time has passed since the very beginning when they began selling this VPN router.  It's been so long.

New Member

Re: vpn conection to a Cisco WRVS4400N with QuickVPN

I´m sory for my late reponse.

Yes, the password and the user name is written in the wget_error.txt.

I'm using the 1.103 Firmware, the hardware 1.0 and the quickvpn is v. 1.2.11.

I still can´t use quickvpn from my home.

I need help,

Thank you

André Miguel

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