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VPN connection between cisco 851and RV082

I am trying to set up a vpn connection between a cisco 851 router and a linksys rv082.  I have vpns setup between the rv82s but we are replacing them with the ciscos.

static ips


IKE with preshared key

IKE group 1, DES, MD5, PFS

IPSEC group 1, DES, MD5


crypto ipsec transform set

esp-des esp-md5-hmac

crypto kskmp policy

has md5

authentication pre-share

lifetime 28800

I am getting "Received information payload, type NO-PROPOSAL-CHOSEN" in the logs of the rv.  I am using CCP to configure the cisco.  VPN troubleshooting says tunnel is down but all other tests are ok.


Re: VPN connection between cisco 851and RV082

Hi sklancaster,

As you can see it sure sounds like ISAKMP (i don't think ipsec at this stage), with the limited infomation you have given,  hasn't a agreed upon proposal between the two units.

It might be helpful to try debug crypto isakmp  command on the 851 to see where ISAKMP may be falling to exchange a agreed upon proposal.  It may be that the 851 is using  DH group 2 instead of the RV082 DH group 1.

I have got the RV042 working together with a ASA5505, just had to play with options to make sure the proposals for ISAKMP and IPSec were mutually agreeable.

regards Dave

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