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VPN performance: 2911 vs. RV082

A couple of days ago I posted on the "WAN, Routing and Switching" community a comparative study I carried out on the performance of Site-to-Site VPN's between the Cisco 2911 and Linksys RV082 routers. Unfortunately my post didn't get any comments. Rather than crossposting here, I invite those interested in my tests to read my original post from two days ago here:

The bottom line is that the Site-to-Site VPN on the RV082 outperformed the Site-to-Site VPN on the Cisco 2911 router, which is not what I would have expected.
After posting the results on Monday I carried out further tests. This time with the free "iperf" tool that measures available bandwidth on a link that connects two points. "iperf" has nothing to do with copying files between two sites, which was what underpinned my original tests. So I ran "iperf" many times, both ways, between sites "A" and "B" connected by the VPN's and, again, the results favored the RV082 over the 2911 by 15-18%.

So I reiterate the question I asked in my prior post:

Can anyone share his/her opinion why, in the context of Site-to-Site IPSec VPN's, the RV082 performs better than a 2911?

Thank you.


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