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VR082 subnet question


I have 2 RV082 routers in 2 separate cities.  Each is connected to broadband at each location with decent speed.  One has address range 192.168.1.x and the other has address range 192.168.2.x.  I was able to establish a gateway-to-gateway VPN connection between the 2 sites.  I was able to ping across the VPN tunnel in both directions (for example, I was able to ping from and vice versa).  I have an Apple TV on each location.  However, from my Mac I can see only the Apple TV on my local subnet and not the Apple TV on the remote subnet.  Is there a way to configure the RV082 router so that devices on each subnet are visible to devices on the other subnet?  (In addition to Apple TV I have other devices that I want to be able to be shared across the VPN.)



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VR082 subnet question

Hello Richard,

Most discovery protocols, like the one used to locate your Apple TV, are local broadcasts. These do not travel over a VPN normally.

If you have the option to connect to the Apple TV by IP address, this should work.

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VR082 subnet question

We use a lot of airport express devices, which are similar to ATVs.

On the last config, it showed a checkbox to enable the search of devices via bonjour OVER the internet.

I know, it sounds odd, but that's what it read.

Then the same week i read a post about ISPs having to block bonjour and similar discovery methods that were intense and increasing over their networks from their clients LANs

so.. it might just work.

The ip suggestion from Robert seems solid.

best wishes

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