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WAG160Nv2 wireless router freezes -- troubleshoot?

We have had a Cisco WAG160Nv2 wireless router here for home use, brand new for perhaps just 2 months. And

we have been mostly happy, except that it sometimes freezes up for no apparent reason.

When I say "freeze up", I mean that all the connected PCs - ethernet or wireless - have no internet. And that indeed, there is no wireless signal at all. But yet it actually looks as if it is still working. All the lights on the front panel that should be green are still green. But yet, when I attempt to access the router's setup through the browser as normal, that isn't available either. So I can't even access the router's setup, to check for errors in the log.

But yet it isn't an ISP problem either. Because every time this happens, the solution is to turn the router off and then back on. And that works every time. So it seems to be a router problem, not an ISP problem.

So I have to ask... is there a known problem with this router. I wouldn't mind if it rebooted. But to freeze for hours on end is annoying. Are there any steps I can take to troubleshoot this problem please?

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WAG160Nv2 wireless router freezes -- troubleshoot?

Wrong forum, post in "small business - routers". You can move your post clicking on the stars below.

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