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WAP4410N repeater mode to WRT310N

I have a WRT310N and just bought a WAP4410N.  I have been trying to access the setup page for the WAP4410N using the web address of but it is not letting me.  I have been ab le to connect twice to it but once I modify something in it, like the ip to put it on the WRT310N network, the connect drops.  I have tried hard lining the access point into the router aqnd also hard lining the computer into the router with no success as well as hardlining the access point straight into the computer.

Problem with teh access point on the network is the range of ip's for the router is set to 100-149 so the 245 is out of range.  I have modified the range to go from 200-250 but this does not work.

How can I get it onto the network so I can access the setup page through

I have also tried pinging it under several different connection methods with limited success.

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Re: WAP4410N repeater mode to WRT310N

I don't have a wrt310n, but based on the default behaviour of a wap4410n with a rvs4000, if the wrt310n is set up to give ip addresses automatically, then it will have given the wap4410n an ip address other than - is there a lan status tab on the wrt310n browser interface where you can see this?


Re: WAP4410N repeater mode to WRT310N


Try this, give your local area connection a static ip address like and plug directly into the wap4410n.  At this point you will be able to access the GUI using the ip address of and configure the device.

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