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My company recently bought a WET200 bridge and we are able to ping to an IP address but when we try to ping to a DNS or a Domain Name it won't let us. Does anyone know why this is happening? Thanks for all your help.


Re: WET200

Hello Mr. Ponte, sorry your having the issue with your WET200.

Couple of things.

I am going to put this like an initial setup the way I would do it. If you have already passed that point just skip forward.

If you have not already when you set your device up:

1. Set the unit to a static IP - I get better results that way.

2. Set the subnet mask, and set default gateway to the Internal IP of the router.

3. Add in your Primary and Secondary DNS's. I usually use and (Public DNS's of Verizon)

4.Apply setting.

If that does not help or you have already passed that point and your are still having issues. Call the Small Business Support Center, open a ticket and any of our answering agents will be able to help you with this issues.


Eric Moyers

Cisco Small Business Support Engineer

Re: WET200

Thank you very much Eric, but we are still running into some difficulties. When we set up the WET200 to Port X for example it does not want to connect to the corresponding V-LAN is there any reason for this mishap.  We followed your instructions before and they were great I was just wondering if you had any more insight on this product.

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