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What Cisco small business products can VPN with Android and Mac?


I have a client who wants to be able to access data at his office via a VPN connection.  The requirements are that it be as secure as is reasonably possible, allow Windows, Mac and Android devices to connect, and not be a hugely expensive rack mounted beast.

I have used the Cisco RVS4000 and WRVS4400N very successfully in the past, using the Quick VPN client.  Unfortunately there does not seem to be a version of QuickVPN available for the Android, and I have not been able to get the AnyConnect Android client to connect to either one of these two routers.

My questions are these:

  • Is it possible to connect to the WRVS / RVS4nnn series routers with AnyConnect?  (For starters, I cannot import the Administrator.pem or the Client.pem certificates as it wants a password that I do not have.  The router's admin login password does NOT work.)
  • Assuming that this cannot be done, can anyone suggest a comparable device that CAN be connected to via Android/Mac as well as Windows?
    • Ideally, I would like dual-band, if possible

Any help would be most gratefully appreciated!

Jim (JR)


New Member

I'd like to know the answer

I'd like to know the answer also, specifically or Android.

Hi Road,Please take a look on

Hi Road,

Please take a look on Jim Post and I will add more thing

VPN from android we can have it work with : 
SSL anyconnect Secure mobility wiht ISA500 series, 
PPTP client from RV routers
IPsec client embedded software from RV routers supporting Xauthentication Client as RV3x ...

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Hi Jim,my name is Mehdi from

Hi Jim,

my name is Mehdi from cisco Technical support.

first let me answer for your question regarding WRVS/RVS series , I can confirm that it doesn't support Anyconnect Secure Mobility client

For VPN Client to Gateway (Mobile Client) from Android, MAC, as well as Windows it's possible
for example with RV32x also support dual WAN

RV320/RV325 --> support Cisco client VPN software and 3rd part VPN software also as ShrewVPN and PPTP.

For Windows we can use Cisco Client VPN client and ShrewVPN as IPsec client and PPTP (windows based Client)

For Linux we can use ShrewVPN as IPsec client

For Mac we can use 3rd party free software client ShrewVPN or IPsecuritas and also PPTP VPN

For Android we can use IPsec VPN embedded Software android or PPTP also embedded VPN software

For IOS (Iphone) we can use Cisco client VPN

link for admin guide RV320 :

link for emulator RV320 :

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New Member

Mehdi,Thanks for your


Thanks for your considered answer.

What I was asking for is a compatible router that is dual band, (i.e. supports both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi bands), not one with a dual WAN.  (This assumes that I cannot use the WRVS/RVS series devices that I had originally spec'd.)

Let me make sure I understand correctly:

  • Are you saying that I cannot make a VPN connection via Android or Mac using the WRVS/RVS4xxx series routers?
  • Regardless of which router I end up using, are there detailed instructions on how to set up both the router and the software on the device so that they can connect?  I did something like this many years ago (Mac to RVS4000) using the VPN software from Green Bow. (payware), and as I remember it was quite difficult to find a set of compatible settings that both the client and the router would accept.  This time, I would much rather have better instructions on how to do this rather than subject my client to a hack-job.

Thanks again for all your help!


Jim (J.R.)


Hi Jim, I didn't confirm that

Hi Jim,


I didn't confirm that with WRVS/RVS cannot do VPN from MAC or Android, I answered for your question if support Anyconnect software , it doesn't support Anyconnect

VPN from MAC or Windows we can use ShrewVPN or GreenBow because it's available for both platform

For documentation how to configure VPN from windows,MAC,Android, please you can call our Cisco Technical Support and they will be happy to assist you and help you for choosing router and which VPN protocol can be used ... 


Contact :




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