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Which IP addresses to use with SR 520-T1 setup?

Hi folks.

I'm a newbie to Cisco routers (and to T1) and am having trouble configuring my SR 520-T1 router for a T1 circuit provisioned by my telco (Fairpoint). The Cisco Configuration Assistant tells me that my settings are fine, but all my pings fail. Fairpoint has tested their circuit, and it checks out OK. I suspect I'm missing something in my router settings. Fairpoint is unable to help me with my router config.

I'm confused by the long list of IP addresses and subnet masks that Fairpoint gave me. On different documents from Fairpoint I see addresses named "WAN", "WAN SM", "CUST WAN", "FAIRPOINT WAN", "CUSTOMER LAN", "Default route", "LAN Customer", "LAN default gateway", and so on.

Which are the addresses that the Configuration Assistant needs? On Configuration Assistant's "WAN IP Address Method" screen, it asks for "IP Address", "Subnet Mask", and "Default Gateway". On the "Basic Route Configuration" screen it asks for "T1 WAN" and "Default route to internet". I've tried many different permutations of the Fairpoint info, with no luck so far. Still no pings.

Can someone please help me translate that sea of addresses into the essential ones that Configuration Assistant needs?

Many thanks for any help you can offer!


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