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Why won't our new RV320 allow me to open our public web page on the LAN?

We have a website that is hosted (IIS) on our own server. We had the Cisco RV320 installed two days ago. Since that time we are unable to access the website from the LAN. Everything is fine from the outside world though. This has been working fine for the last 8 years so I'm pretty sure it is some arcane port forwarding or filter setting on the new firewall. It seems to be much more complicated that the IPcop we had been using (I know, I know. Extra features and all...).

I am able to ping the website URL, the internal and external ip addresses from the LAN. Again I'm able to open the website using the URL from outside however am unable to open the site using the public IP address.

BTW - I'm not a network engineer (in case you hadn't noticed blush) so please explain what may be wrong and/or how to fix it in the simplest terms possible. 

Thank you in advance - Steve

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Steve,Hairpinning should work


Hairpinning should work on the RV320.


Did you forward ports 80 (http) and 443 (https) to your server? If you can ping the address that only means that the router is responding to ping requests, not that the traffic is reaching your server.

Does your RV320 have the latest firmware?


Are there any other routers in front of the RV320? (modem/router from ISP)


If you cannot get this working, I recommend that you call support


Support is free for the first year of ownership and is available during normal business hours (9am-6pm M-F)


- Marty



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