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Windows 8 dropping connections via RVS4000

RVS4000 (v1.3.0.5) is installed in LAN in bridge mode to manage VPN, DHCP and working as a firewall. The LAN is composed by 4 client and one server (Windows 2003) as PDC with Active Directory. 3 client with Windows 8 and one with Windows Xp. Windows 8 clients have a lot of problems with internet connection that seems dropping suddendly during the day, google home page or external mail server become unreachable......dns service runs regularly, names are resolved in ip......but web pages do not want to open! In the same time pc with Windows Xp has no internet problems.

I disabled firewall service on RVS4000 and something start going better, google home page for example is reachable most of the times. But problems in internet connection, explecially on a specific pc, continue to arise from time to time with no apparent regularity. Users complain about the poor reliability of the connection, and you can understand that this is not acceptable in a work environment.

What can I do?


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