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WRV200 hung after power loss

We have installed three WRV200 with FW 1.0.39 on very different locations. Internet access is ADSL. Routers work fine until there's power loss (due to thunderstorms etc). When power is restored, there's no internet connection re-established. If we reboot the router, it works again.

It seems that after power is restored, the router is probably ready before the modem (we use different models though) and this causes a problem to router. After rebooting the router only the modem of course is ready and so the connection is initiated properly.

Anyone experiencing the same problem?



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Re: WRV200 hung after power loss

There is no prevention or network proceedure that would prevent that matter. The correct way to fix that problem after a storm will be to disconnect everything, power units down for 15 to 20sec.(router & modem), power units back up, once units come back up to normal fuction connect the modem back to router, then connect pc to router and reboot. That should establish your connection back after power outage.

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Re: WRV200 hung after power loss

Well, we've never had this issues before with any other router really. Besides, these routers work on remote locations where there often no people to manually restart all the gear. I think router should retry re-establishing the connection after certain time. We have no problems like this with Zyxel, Asus nor Vigor.

Re: WRV200 hung after power loss

Even if the modem comes up later than the router, I would say this is a defect on the router if the internet connection never comes up, Please open a ticket with Tech Support and provide the modem information.

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