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WRV210 and other Cisco and non-Cisco routers self reboot

I'm currently experiencing problems where my router just reboots.

I've tried with 4 different routers so far, 2 of them being the WRV210, a 861W and a cheap unknown brand router that was lying around in my basement.

All of them do the same thing: start surfing the internet, and within 10min of actively browsing the net, the router just reboots.

Accessing the internet directly via the modem of my ISP gives me no problems.

Things I've done so far:

- Disconnecting all network devices and try a simple ISPmodem -> router -> laptop setup.

- Replace router (4 different ones by now).

- Replace network cables between modem-router and router-laptop.

- Replace power cords.

- Put in an UPS.

- Upgrade router firmware.

- Disable wireless, QOS, DOS prevention etc.

- Enable logging to pinpoint possible problem.

None of these give me a sollution.

I'm stuck. I've replaced all hardware at my side (router 4 times, switches, cables, power supply) and my ISP tells me the problem must be on my side.

All the log tells me is that the router is doing it's work, and suddenly reboots.

I've attached the log for your expertly trained eyes.

Any ideas would be extremely welcome.

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