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WRV210 multiple intermittent then hard failures...

     Let's see, since May 2010, I have purchased and deployed 20 of these. Within a week of deployment the last 8 or so (all firmware have been reported as no Internet connection intermittently or permanently. This is after initial configuration and testing with one disabled VPN. Troubleshooting usually results in cold-boot WRV210 to correct. Later, the units won't take DHCP from WAN unless reset to defaults and reconfigured. Uplink devices are various DSL, HPNA3, and Fiber routers from a wide variety of vendors, SpeadStream, 2Wire, Motorola, Netgear, and a couple of others. Attempting to roll-back to firmware creates a non-responsive unit. Reset to defaults and reconfigure buys me a day or two of stable operation at best. Replacing them with WVRS4400N seems to work great, but I seem to have lost about $600.00 in hardware with no recourse (beyond 30 day vendor return and Cisco won't issue RMAs to non-resellers) and the requirement to purchase another $1,200.00 in hardware from the same vendor leaves a terribly bad taste in my mouth. At this point, I am not looking for a fix to the WRV210s at all. I am looking for Cisco to make this right by offering me an RMA/upgrade. Anything less and I will just be switching vendors for the next upgrade cycle and any other client I touch for years. Thanks.

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