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WRV210 QuickVPN Session hangs


lately i have some strange Problems with the WRV210 of a customer. The WRV210 ist set up for QuickVPN User. Normally it works like a charm to connect with the QuickVPN Client to the Router. But the problem starts, when a QuickVPN Session is not ended correct, like if the mobile broadband connection breaks down or the user ist too stupid to press "disconnect".

Then the Router always thinks the VPN Session is still alive and there is no way to end it. I know there should be the possibility to end a QuickVPN session via the status page, but if i set a hook and press save settings the only thing that happens is that the page is reloaded. Even powercycle the router does not end the QuickVPN session. The satus page shows ist still online.

The only thing you can do is to reset the router and set it up new.

Any idea why there is no time out for a Quick VPN Session? what is about "keep alive ping" oder "IKE heartbeat" ?

Why does it not work to end a quick vpn session via the status page?

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