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wrv54g: firmware upgrade question


At the office I have an old wrv54g hardware rev. 02  running 2.37EU firmware.

For  years I have been able to use QuickVPN to connect to the office network  when working from home. I'm using QuickVPN 1.0.39 (I know it's ancient,  but it works) from my laptop running WinXP SP1/2/3. However now I need  to establish connections from both Vista and Win7 - and have downloaded  the latest QuickVPN client ( But any attempts to establish  connections fails. So I thought that I might try to update the firmware  on the wrv54g - but the 2.37EU firmware is - to the best of my knowledge  - the most recent EU-firmware.

My question is: Are there  any differences - hardwarewise - between the US and EU model of the  wrv54g that prevents me from flashing the unit with the 2.39.2e firmware  (the latest fw the last time I checked). Will I "brick" it or can I  just go ahead?

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