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WRVS 4400n v 1.1 Firmware upgrade


I´m having some issues using wrsv4400 vpn so i need to upgrade me firmware.

I understand that the firmware upgrade have some risks.

Can anyone tell me a secure way for firmware upgarde? Is there any tutorial? Wich steps sould i made to avoid ANY risks with this upgrade?

Best regards,

André Miguel

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Re: WRVS 4400n v 1.1 Firmware upgrade

There is no way to entirely eliminate all risk when upgrading the firmware on any device. However, you can minimize the chance that something may go wrong on this router by factory defaulting your router first, upgrade the firmware, and factory default your router one last time. After that is complete manually reconfigure your router with its previous settings. Be sure that during the upgrade process when you have a progress bar going across the GUI of the router that you do not hit anything on the browser. Just let the browser sit while it completes the process and then reboots.

I would not worry too much, I have upgraded the firmware on this router many times and I have yet to have one turn into a brick.

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Re: WRVS 4400n v 1.1 Firmware upgrade

Thanks Mihagan for your reply,

And what about the ports? Sould i disconect all the cables, including the WAN cable leaving only the LAN cable connected to the computer from where i'm going to upload the firmware to the router?

André Miguel


Re: WRVS 4400n v 1.1 Firmware upgrade

You shouldn't have to disconnect those cables from the router, but if you want to do so just for extra precaution you can !

I haven't had to disconnect any cables and i have done a upgrade over webex just fine, but again if you want to take all precautions then

you can disconnect all cables beside the computer that you are pulling the firmware from.


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