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WRVS4400N and Server 2012 Port forwarding issue


I am trying to configure my Server 2012's remote access using ports 80 and 443 on TCP. UPnP is turned on and Server 2012 cannot configure the router, which is fine. I put the device on a static IP and set single port forwarding for both 80 and 443 up to go to the .131 IP. However I am still unable to get into the server using these ports. The ISP is not blocking these ports and I'm lost where to look from here.

Any help is appreciated.

Thank you


Hello Dan,What sort of remote

Hello Dan,

What sort of remote access are you trying to enable?  Can you access the server from the LAN on those two ports?  

It looks like your port forwarding rules are setup correctly.  Is the server's firewall setup to allow connections from outside of it's own subnet?

Let me know and we can try to get this figured out,

Christopher Ebert - Network Support Engineer

Cisco Small Business Support Center


Once you've verified that the

Once you've verified that the server is working on the LAN as chrebert mentioned, try putting the server in the DMZ and see if it works there.  If it doesn't work there, there's a bigger problem at work.

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