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WRVS4400N Bandwidth Rate Control Issue

Dear All,

     I just purchased a WRVS4400N VPN Security Router V2 and the main reason was for me to be able to segregate between VLANs and to be able to control bandwidth. Now I have tried everything possible to control Bandwidth using Rate Control. I have a 40Mbps downstream connection with a 16Mbps Upstream. I Have my servers connected to a VLAN 1 and my users Connected to VLAN 2. I tried limiting all the IP addresses from to a max of 1000Kbps (1Mbps) Upstream on all Applications in order to leave the rest of the bandwidth for my servers...

I tried every thing but it wouldn't work..

I thought the problem was that the users are connected wirelessly, but even being connected directly to the ports doesn't work.

I tried with IPS on and off..

I disabled DHCP and gave the users static IPs..

A lot of other configurations also didn't work...

If there is something I need to know or if there is a special combination that needs to be set I would be really glad to hear anyone's opinion on this..

Thanks a lot in advance..

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