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WRVS4400N Blocking a URL

Hello.  I have a WRVS4400N and it has been working well for some time now and I did not make any changes before this issue. 

Although everything is working with the router, it will not allow me access to any more.  We have had access to this URL since I installed the router, but since two days ago, I can't get to that URL.  I can get to all the rest of the web (that I know of), but not that URL.

I have updated to the latest firmware and IPS configuration (did not help).  I have also turned off IPS and the all of the firewall (again, did not help).  I don't have any blocking of URLs listed and have never entered any into the router.

When I connect directly to my internet provider without the router, I can get to the URL, but once the router is in place I can't. 

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be going on and how to fix?  This is our business site where our email is stored too and we can't do any work from home now. 

Thank you. 


WRVS4400N Blocking a URL


Could be something upstream to your router. what type of wan connection on your router? Cable or DSL?

If you disabled IPS and tested and you don't have url filtering enabled not much left on the router.

You might want to use tracert command inside your Command prompt to www.srdofny.comand see if it resolves and it able to ping it. Also under the administration table check to see if you can resolve from the router.

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