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WRVS4400N Cant connect to modem

Just purchased a WRVS4400N and for about 6 hours last night tried to get it to work and connect to my cable success. Is there a setting im am overlooking? I have enough network experience to be dangerous but am not an expert. All other routers i have had in the past have been plug & play mostly. This one is making me want to throw it thru the window. When i plug it in to the modem it dosent even give me a link light that its connected, much less communicate with it.

System Details:

- WRVS4400N  Connecting to a Arris TM722 cable eMTA modem

- all cables have been verified (100 times by now)

What i have tried:

- Cloning my PC MAC address

- Pluged in my old router (Linksys E3000) and it connects instantly (Same cables)

- Same as above with PC

- Changed a million settings in the router (to much to list at this point)

Are there know issues with these 2 devices not communicating well?

Any advice would be appreciated.

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WRVS4400N Cant connect to modem

If you haven't tried it yet, try resetting the unit to factory defaults.

If that doesn't work, it seems you may have a bad unit.

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WRVS4400N Cant connect to modem

Also, what firmware version are you running?  You might try re-flashing the latest version.

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WRVS4400N Cant connect to modem

I updated all the firware (latest on the website) before i got started with anything. I did reflash it too and i have reset the thing about 10 times.

The weird thing is i know the WAN port works because i can plug it into my old router and pull a IP from it...just not the modem. It seems like the 2 devices dont like each other or there is a setting that needs to be changed.


WRVS4400N Cant connect to modem


It sounds like the cable modem is still retaining the E3000 routers mac address as you mentioned you plugged it in and quickly gained an ip address. So what i would try doing is cloning the E3000 mac address within the WRVS4400N and you should be able to get an ip address quickly.

You could also unplug your cable modems power and coax cable this will flush out any stored mac address(leave unplugged for about 3-4 minutes) make sure the routers is also unplugged. Now connected coax cable back into modem and plug power on unit. let cable modem sync , after completely sync'd plug router into cable modem.

if you still have trouble give us a call @ 1-866-606-1866 and open a support case.

Hope this helps,


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