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WRVS4400N - DNS issues - wireless/wired issues

I sold my customer a WRVS4400N and have had substantial problems.  First off..  Cisco sent me a version 2. router which fixes "wireless" problems.   After getting the new router in place I still have problems.   2 issues which may be inter-related.   First of, after deploying the new router, operation seem good for 2 days, then the customer could not surf the net from hist notebook connected by a wireless connection, I went to the site and found that all wired computers could get out fine, the wireless notebook could ping the internal server, and could ping external addresses if you entered the IP address opposed to the name.  I rebooted the notebook, tried all kinds of diagnostics, and finally rebooted the router, once that was done the notebook worked fine.     Since then, we hae been able to fairly regularly reproduce that if the customer uses a computer on a wired connection, the Internet has problem.    I can't believe that a business class router would have so many problems.

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Re: WRVS4400N - DNS issues - wireless/wired issues

We have a WRVS440N also and it did some of the same things you describe. We called CISCO Small Business and spoke to a tech.

1st - He had us turn off IPS, he said CISCO knows this causes issues.

Now we only have dropped Internet connections when the router sees a PORT SCAN, the WRVS4400N just shuts down for a few minutes, you can't surf, do any type of DNS lookup. When you http into the router it all looks great, but you can't do anything on the Internet.If you choose DIAG on the router and PING, TRACERT or anything, goes nowhere.

To be honest, the CISCO  TECH, told us this Router is really allot of trouble and they are working on a new firmware but could not give us a date. I asked if he thought this router was junk and he said yes.

We regret buying this router and won't sell it as I would not wish this trouble on anybody else.

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