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Hi guys.

I've got an issue that has me tearing what little hair I have left out.
In my WRVS4400N router I have enabled PPTP passthrough & configured a PPTP server on my Windows server. I then created a couple of ACLs in the router. First off at the very bottom I created one that denies all traffic coming from the WAN to the LAN. Above that I selected the preconfigured PPTP service and allowed that coming from the WAN to the LAN & to the IP of my PPTP server. I've then setup the port forwarding and tested that they are working perfectly fine.

If I try to connect from anywhere it won't connect and in the ACL logs I get a single entry that has allowed the incoming connection on port 1723 followed by approx 10 entries that say 

"Jul 15 16:49:56 - [Access Log ] Deny GRE Packet - SOURCE IP --> MY PPTP SERVER IP"

If I turn around and disable the last ACL (Block All) it works perfectly. For the life of me I can't find in the ACL list, GRE. Am I missing something here? Is it called something else in the list? Is there a way for me to add it? I can only see how to add ports, not protocols. 

Any help would very much be appreciated so thanks in advance.

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Nobody got any ideas? This is

Nobody got any ideas? This is driving me nuts trying to get this working.

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