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WRVS4400N NSLOOKUP, DNS and IP based ACL problems


I have a few issues wth my routers and thought it would be best to put in one posting. Please bear with me.

I have two V1.0 WRVS4400N devices configured for main mode VPN to each other. The local unit has a Windows 2008 R2 server behind it providing DHCP and DNS to the local PC's . The remote router has no Windows server and uses the it's own DHCP. I have setup the remote router to provide the IP address of the Windows server for DNS. In other words, the remote PC's use the VPN to talk to the Windows DNS server. For the remote PC's, there is no problem with forward name resolution (ping -a) of the local PC's, but nslookup fails. I have added the name and IP address to the Windows hosts files, and still no success. I have also briefly disabled all IPS, firewall, DOS, and ACL functions on both routers without success. Not sure where else to look.

I have intsalled v 1.103 and v 1.113 firmware for testing purposes on the local WRVS4400N. I have found that there a two problems. The first one is common to both firmware. If I configure only one ACL rule such as allowing HTTP (port 80 traffic) from the LAN to the WAN not all websites load/display. If I disable this rule then the website is displayed. I have set up service management for another port 80 to use in the ACL rule and no success. Shouldn't all port 80 traffic be allowed by this rule when enabled?

The second problem is only with v1.113. After installation, DNS resolution for the WAN  does not work, but LAN DNS does work. That is the Windows server cannot resolve it's forwarder FQDN and eventually gives up trying. If I set the router to do DHCP with external DNS server (ISP DNS server), and remove the Windows server, still no DNS resolution for the WAN. Is this a problem with the firmware?

Currently, both routers use v1.103 firmware.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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