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WRVS4400n, QuickVPN, Server's certificate doesn't exist on local computer


  I bought a new WRVS400n recently because it had Gigabit speed, wireless n and a built in VPN server.  The device works perfect except for the Quick VPN client.  I'm a system engineer so I thought I could set it up quite easy just like any other device I configured in the past.  Painfull but it isn't like this.

  I set up the VPN on the WRVS4400n and generated a certificate.  I saved both the client and admin certificate to my pc, I gave them a name to easily make up the difference between both of them.  When placing the certificate in the installed QuickVPN folder, it doesn't seem to get recognised by the QuickVPN software.  When I try to connect, it says 'Server's certificate doens't exist on your local computer'.  I guess the naming convention must meet some kind of format, is that correct?  If so, this should have been described in the documentation.

  Besides that I checked if the required ports used by the VPN server are open on the public port of the device, that is the case.  So It seems I'm quite close to get it working.

  The version of QuickVPN I used is  The WRVS4400n has the latest firmware loaded.

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