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WRVS4400N - Remote Management

I recently purchased this router Version 2.0, Latest Firmware has been applied, and I am trying to enable the remote management function, every time i try to enable it, a message box comes up stating that i need to change the default password.

Message Box Okay to change the default password.

I click okay. and it doesn't do anything.

I've already changed the default user and password.

Not sure what else to try.

Any Thoughts?


Re: WRVS4400N - Remote Management

Clicking OK just acks that window.

You would then manually navigate to the Admin username password screen (I forgot the exact name in the GUI) and change it.

Make sure you change it to something other than Admin, and perhaps use more than 5 charachters (at least 6 I usually do).

That usually works for me.

Let us know.

New Member

Re: WRVS4400N - Remote Management

The Default username is Admin, I changed it to Administrator

is that part of the problem? Should i be using something completely different?

Re: WRVS4400N - Remote Management

admin is the first 5 letters of administrator

You should be a solution tester :-) You may have found a bug.

But yes, please try to make it something like your dogs name123  :-)

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Re: WRVS4400N - Remote Management

Thanks Steve, I'll try this, probably caused my own problem here :)

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