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WRVS4400N traffic redirection depend on host header


I have a question related to WRVS4400N. Do you plan adding feature, in short described  as:

- related to specific port , for  example port 80/HTTP

- depend on the host header, router  to forward the traffic to internal IP1, IP2 and so on. Example - if i have Internet site A that i host on internal IP1, and Internet site B that i host on  internal IP2, router automatically to redirect the traffic to the necessary IPs  depend on the site names.

And the s second question - do you  have such feature already made in other  products?

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Re: WRVS4400N traffic redirection depend on host header

While you can set up Single Port Forwarding to map incoming HTTP requests to a particular NAT IP on the LAN side of the Router, I dont see a way we can read the hostname out of the HTTP message and map to a particular device on the subnet, no.  Since your WebSite will DNS resolve to the WAN IP of the router, it would seem like we would be limited to one Webserver sitting behind that WAN IP.

Adding a second Router will resolve this, and may be preferable if traffic rates will be high (more bandwidth per web host)

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Re: WRVS4400N traffic redirection depend on host header

One way to get around it would be to create an internal proxy on IP1 that redirects requests made to to IP2. Apache supports this. Of course it would mean that all http traffic from IP2 will have to pass through IP1... this could lead to performance issues.

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