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WRVS4400n v1.1 VLAN on WAN interface


Been trying to figure out howto create VLAN's on the WAN interface of the WRVS4400n. Is this even possible with the factory firmware?


Re: WRVS4400n v1.1 VLAN on WAN interface

After viewing the release notes here for 1.1.13:

...I think you will want to upgrade the router firmware ASAP.

WLANs are supported on the switch ports and we support multiple VLANs and ports can be configured to specific VLANs or Trunk ports and carry tagged and untagged traffic.

What is it you are trying to configure on the WAN Port?


Edit:   Added this FAQ:


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Re: WRVS4400n v1.1 VLAN on WAN interface

Dear Steve,

Thank you for your reply.

The router already has the lastest firmware, 1.1.13

The situation is as follows. Our office gets several services over fiber which is switched to coper over an end node (not protocol just light <-> electric) so essentially we are connected to the internet over ethernet.

Anyway, our provider is rather mysterious over how their services work and preffer that everybody uses the equipment provided by them. The equipment is rather cheap and limited in functionality, also we're having a few problems because the equipment doesn't allow us to switch certain functions off.

We get 3 services from our provider.

1. Internet (VLAN tagged 12)

2. VPN like closed connection between locations (VLAN's tagged 123 and tagged 124)

3. SIP (VLAN untagged 13)

So I did A little investigation and came up with the following.

* For internet services they're using a PPPoE tunnel, this tunnel is established over a tagged VLAN 12.

* VLAN's 123 and 124 are for ourselves, so just connection between our offices. I don't know what the infrastructure/setup is behind this service but it somehow magically works.

* Then finally there's the SIP services which is done over VLAN 13 untagged.

So what I need todo is create a PPPoE tunnel over VLAN 12 (for internet access) and also setup VLAN's 13, 123 an 124 to be forwarded to specific ports on the the router.


When I look at the settings in the web interface I only get the VLAN settings for ports 1 to 4 and WLAN (no port 0). I'm pretty sure this router does support it and I could set it if I had a shell on the device but I don't and I'm not seeing it in the webinterface either.

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Re: WRVS4400n v1.1 VLAN on WAN interface

Any news  on this issue? Am I not seeing it or is it just not possible?

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