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WRVS4400N v2.0 IPS file

My previous post was not addressed and I'll bring it up again

According to the WRVS4400N v2.0 manual:

"The signature file is the heart of the IPS system. It is similar to the virus definition
files on your personal computer’s Anti-Virus programs. IPS uses this file to match
against packets coming in to the Router and performs actions accordingly. As of
today, the Wireless-N Router is shipped with signature file version 1.3.8 and with a
total of 1101 rules. The rules cover the following categories: DDoS, Buffer
Overflow, Access Control, Scan, Trojan Horse, Misc., P2P, IM, Virus, Worm, and
Web Attacks.
It is recommended that you update your IPS signature file regularly to thwart new
attack types."

Well, the "heart" of the IPS on the 4400N v2.0 is now 6 months old. No new attack types since then I suppose? Imagine not updating your antivirus for that long or better yet, imagine the antivirus product you bought only released it's sig files every 6 to 12 months.

I was trying to sell my 4400N v2.0 on craigslist for half the price for the past 2-3 weeks but, no one wants to buy it. A little research on the model and I guess people don't think its a worthy investment, even at half the cost. Smart.

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