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WRVS4400n VLAN Help

I have just received a Cisco WRVS4400N v2.0.0.7 Router & trying to configure it like this:

2 VLANs & 2 wireless SSIDs

VLAN1 default (Port 1 on Router)

VLAN2 for Office (Port 2 on Router) &

VLAN3 for Client/Guest (Port 3 on Router) no access to VLAN2

I would also like one of the wireless SSIDs to be on the same network as VLAN2 & have access to VLAN2

Also want VLAN2 to be network

I have accomblished all except I cannot get either wireless SSID to commnicate with VLAN2


VLAN DHCP creates scopes of & 5.0 (I need to to match my current office network)

I know I can change the router network to but that would mean I would have my Office network on VLAN1 (Port 1 of Router), I thought

Port 1 was for the default VLAN used for Admin stuff.

Can anyone give me some suggestions on this?

Thanks for your help in advance.


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