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WRVS4400N Wireless problem.

I finally had to replace a customers WRVS4000N v2 router because of serious wireless problems.   We have the router back in the office and have the weirdest thing going.   I changed the configuration of the rotuer to be just an acess point and can connect with several wireless devices.   The problem is that we have a Dell Lattitude D830 Notebook with a Dell 1390 Wireless card and I can not get the thing to connect.  I am  using WPA2 authentication and it accepts the password, but the notebook will not pick up an ip address from my Windows 2003 server.  I tried without authentication and the same happens.   Any ideas?


Re: WRVS4400N Wireless problem.

Gidday  Chris,

I persoanally would check for any software updates for the unit. 

Go through the process of reloading the current software, even if it is at the current software level.

Resetting the unit back to factory defaults

If it work great, if it doesn't then don't waste any more time on the unit, call the Small Business Support Center and ask for a RMA (Return to Manufacturer Authorization.).

If the device is not working, my first take is not to try to work around any inherant hardware issue within the unit, but I gotta assume that the device is still under a three year hardware limited warranty.

regards Dave

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