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New Member

WRVS4400N WLAN to VLAN mapping

I'm looking for a solution where I can have 2 subnets on 2 vlans and route between each other with ACL applied. From the docs, I can't tell if I can bridge a SSID to each vlan or not.

The scenario is that, I need to have 1 vlan for internal network, 1 vlan for guests, each with a wireless lan bridged to them.  ACLs to be applied on the guest vlan to restrict access to the internal vlan.

On top of that, I'd need to have VPN access from wan (both site to site and teleworker)/

Can this be done with a WRVS4400N, or do I need a SA 520W to all acomplish this?


Cisco Employee

Re: WRVS4400N WLAN to VLAN mapping

As long as your WRVS is a hardware version 2, you can do this with no problem. As to wether you need a SA5XX or not, that would depend on how many users you have and what are your network requirements.

To set up two SSIDs (public and private) do the following:

  1. create another VLAN on the router
  2. enable multiple SSIDs
  3. then enable VLAN for the wireless network and assign the appropriate VLAN ID (number)
  4. then disable "inter-vlan" routing (since you do want the public WiFi to access your internal network)
  5. and you are done

This will work as long as the DHCP server is enabled on the WRVS. Hope that answered your question.

For VPN, you can use QVPN software that comes with the router. Just install software on the client, create users on the router and have them connect when they are remote. One thing to note is that, if your router is still on the default IP of, you may want to change that to something very different. Most people with home routers will also have the same IP which will keep QVPN from connecting. This is beacause that software creates an IPSec tunnel, and both sides of the tunnel must have different network IP addresses.

For gateway to gateway, just create the tunnel and make sure you have the same settings on both sides. The new v2 WRVS routers are pretty solid and it should be able to meet your needs; so long as you are not talking about 200 users wanting to connect VPN and local.

New Member

Re: WRVS4400N WLAN to VLAN mapping

Thanks! The info is very helpful. We only have less than 10 users, so I don't think performace would be an issue.

One point about the DHCP server: is it possible to run 2 scopes - private and public, with different DNS options?  I have internal DNS servers that users must use, but I wouldnt want guests to use our internal DNS servers. Is this possible on WRVS?

Also, how do I know if an WRVS4400N is V2 or not? Is it indicated clearly outside the box?

Cisco Employee

Re: WRVS4400N WLAN to VLAN mapping

When you enable VLANs on the router it will create multiple DHCP scopes. One for each VLAN.

On each scope you can apply its own DNS information, so yes, you can point the private to your DNS server and the public to the cloud. I would recommend looking into "OPEN DNS" .

The version of the router should be on UPC lable, but if the box is gray and says Cisco Small Business VERY clearly that should be a v2 router. If the box is Black/Gray (I think those were the colors) and said Linksys by Cisco, it may be a v1; which would not have anything after the model number.

Hope this helps.

New Member

Re: WRVS4400N WLAN to VLAN mapping

I have this setup almost exactly and almost everything works except...

No matter what vlan I've got the wireless ssid assigned to, clients are still getting a dhcp address from the windows dhcp server on vlan 1 (LAN).  Occasionally they will get an ip from the dhcp server and scope configured for that vlan on the router.

It's obvious that vlan 1 (lan) and vlan 100 (wireless) are bridged or that the router is forwarding the dhcp requests (less likely), but I can't figure out where or how that's happening.  The layer 2 settings show that the newly created vlan is excluded from forwarding on the physical ports (which is the default behavior) but obviously something is up.

I've wiped the router config and started over careful not to change any settings not completely necessary, but to no avail.

It's getting very frustrating.  I spend my days working on 6500 and 7200 gear and it's the small business router that's kicking my rear end...

Does anybody have any ideas?



Re: WRVS4400N WLAN to VLAN mapping

>how do I know if an WRVS4400N is V2 or not? Is it indicated clearly outside the box?

Look at the product label at the bottom of the router, which should show WRVS4400N v2, if you have a v2 hardware.